Flappy Bird Cheats 2014

Flappy Bird is a mobile phone devices created by Dong Nguyen. The game is compatible with Android and iOS. However, the creator of the game in his recent tweets said that it was easy to play the game using an Android application than an iOS application.

flappy bird cheatsA lot of things have been said about Flappy Bird. If you have read about this game before, probably you would have read that the game is a frustrating game and that it was difficult to be mastered. This may be true but it does not mean that it is not fun playing this game. Flappy bird is an interesting game. The more you fail in the game, the more your interested is ignited to keep playing in order to succeed in the game. It would very interesting to play the game with our latest Flappy Bird cheats. So, you have to relax and take it easy as you play the game. Don’t insist that you will master the game otherwise you will get frustrated trying to master it.

Before you start playing the game with your mobile phone or any mobile application, you should ensure that the sensitivity of your screen to touch is excellent. It is better to play the game using a tablet than a phone. Tablets have large screen advantage over ordinary phone. Whether you are playing with a phone or tablet, you should first remove the screen covers or cases to enhance the sensitivity of the screen of the application you are using.

Another thing that you should do before you start playing the game is to switch off any other application running on your phone. This is because the phone crashes easily and a lot. You can guide against that by closing all the other apps running in your phone. This may be very annoying but you should do it in order to reduce crashing.

The game will also start to crash anytime you lose a stage. You can avoid this by closing and restarting the game manually. The game will start saving scores again and will stop crashing if you correctly close and restart the game.

Aiming at the bird can be somewhat difficult but you can also master how to aim the bird. The best way to go about it is to practice. You should also master the amount jumped by the bird anytime you touch the screen. The bird jumps equal amount no matter the direction whether or not it is falling fast.

Flappy Bird can be annoying and frustrating. You need to learn how to avoid getting annoyed and frustrated with the game because it can affect your overall performance. One of the best ways to avoid that is to take a break and continue afterwards. Stop playing the game and take a break when your scores start dropping.

Learn to develop a rhythm in order to keep the bird steady. Sometimes, the birds, the flappy bird will flap all over the screen but you can easily control the bird with hack if you are able to develop a rhythm.

For more fun and desire to reach the top score, you should try to play with a friend.